The Perfect Draper Toolbox

22/09/2017 13:32

To begin or continue with your tool collection you need a sturdy, wear resisting tool chest. The Draper Expert 10 Drawer Tool Chest is the perfect, sturdy storage system for all of the essential tools. With its 10 drawers providing plenty of room to its powder coated protective finish to promote long life, this Draper tool chest is reliable and enduring. Draper’s smart incentive of a locking system ensures all of your goods are kept safe and secure when you are not around. 

Once you have the tool chest, it is time to fill it! A Draper 19 Piece Soft Grip Screwdriver Set would be the perfect place to start. When looking for screwdrivers, steel tips and soft grip handles are essential for making screwing or unscrewing more comfortable and easier. Durability and strength are ensured through the hardened chrome vanadium steel tips. Comfort is provided by the soft grip handles so the screwdriver(s) can be used over a long period of time without causing pain or discomfort. 

A Draper Adjustable Wrench is essential for tightening nuts and bolts and loosening many fixtures. The black phosphate finish is perfect for ensuring long life which will increase reliability and avoid having to buy a replacement, therefore saving your money. 

Next on your list is a claw hammer. No toolbox would be complete without a Draper Expert 650g Fibreglass Claw Hammer. One end of a claw hammer is used to drive nails in and the other to pull nails out of wood or a wall. The Draper claw hammer is made with high carbon steel and coated with a lacquer coating to protect against rust. Draper have also manufactured this claw hammer with a shock absorbing handle to prevent pain and provide comfort during work. 

An essential for any toolbox in any household or workshop is a measuring tape. Draper offer a wide range of sizes of measuring tapes ensuring a length suitable for all of your measuring needs. If you are unsure as to which measuring tape you may need, a standard Draper 16ft measuring tape should do the job you need while saving you money and giving accurate internal and external measurements. 

A retractable knife will never go out of use in a toolbox. Draper’s retractable knife with built in blade storage is recommended as convenient and great value for money. The knife can be used for cutting, slicing, splitting and trimming. 

It is important to have a variation of sizes in your spanner collection in order to perform work in confined spaces or grip, fasten and adjust, so this Draper 11 Piece Metric Combination Spanner Set is the best way to get started or stock up. With a material cover to prevent clutter and keep them all together and a ring end and jaw offset of 15 degrees, these Draper spanners are perfect for your toolbox.

A work light is another essential for your toolbox. Needed to see specifically where you are working in low or no light and can be accommodated by the Draper LED Magnetic Work Light. Highly versatile with a soft grip handle and wrist strap for added comfort and security but also a magnetic handle that enables hands free use. Ideal for use in your home, garage or workshop.

No toolbox would be complete without a first aid kit, making the Draper Large First Aid Kit a must have for your home and workshop. Enables you to act and treat likely injuries quickly and ensure optimum safety is secured throughout the home or workplace. 

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