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Everything you need to know about the new HSE Legislation on Welding Fumes

On 18/02/19 the Health and Safety Executive released a legislation for mild steel welding fumes.

Whether you are a self-employed welder or in a large welding organisation it is necessary to ensure you are not at risk of exposure to welding fumes. First of all, it is important to define the word carcinogen. A carcinogen can be described as a substance that is capable of causing cancer to the human body and there are even some foods that we are now being advised against due to their high levels of carcinogenic value. The scope of dangerous welding fumes which are carcinogenic now extends to mild steel welding fume, as advised by the Workplace Health Expert Committee. Scientific evidence from the International Agency for Research proves the risks are not only for lung cancer but kidney cancer also.


In order to ensure workplace safety, the HSE have increased their expectations for welding fume exposure control with immediate effect. General ventilation in welding environments does not ensure enough control for workers and hence the introduction of suitable respiratory protective equipment must take place.
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Who does the HSE legislation apply to?

The new legislation applies to those who are exposed to welding fumes (including those who are exposed to mild steel).

When is the HSE legislation enforced?
Immediately. From 18/02/19 the new legislation was enforced with immediate effect.

What are the consequences of not adhering to the HSE legislation?
If you are not adhering to the new legislation you are severely increasing your risk of lung cancer and the possible risk of kidney cancer. For employers, it is your responsibility to keep your welders safe and failure to provide essential protection to your employees is not only putting their health at risk but may also have legal ramifications in the future.

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