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Interior Equipment

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    • Air bag stopper for the plugging of drains and pipes
    • Durable nylon outer casing that gives the air bag a better seal and grip on the tube or pipe being repaired or replaced
    • Long feed hose that is fitted with a Schrader valve to quickly release the pressure.
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    • Find short
    • And open circuits
    • Fast and easily
    • Automotive MINI blade type fuse assortment
    • 100 pieces
    • Supplied in partitioned box
    • Allows for safe wiring
    • Length: 190mm
    • Maximum Capacity: Ø1.5mm
    • LCD display
    • Fitted with 250mm cable
    • Suitable for 12V DC systems
    • Comprehensive set
    • Designed to simplify trim and trim stud removal
    • Includes 11 trim and upholstery tools