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    • Offers extra comfort and protection from sweat
    • For use with the 3M Tora CCS Safety Spectacles
    • Pack contains 5 inserts
    • Fills gap between eyewear and the face
    • Fits the 3M SecureFit Safety Spectacles 600 Series
    • 5 per bag
    • Prescription insert for 3M Goggle Gear 500
    • Prescription insert brings impact rating to F
    • Insert available for 500-Series Splash Goggles
    • Foam insert offers comfort/protection from sweat
    • Used together with 3M Headband 1000S-EU
    • Fits 3M Solus Safety Spectacles 1000 Series
    • Replacement comfort pad
    • Creates a more comfortable fit and absorbs sweat
    • For use with 3M Versaflo S-Series Premium S-950
    • Offers extra comfort & protection from sweat
    • Insert fills the gap between the eyewear and face
    • 5 per bag
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    • Fits a wide variety of 3M safety spectacles
    • Can be wall mounted
    • Typically used to dispense visitor eyewear
    • Comfortable beanie hat
    • Superior visibility in low light conditions
    • Built-in USB rechargeable LED headlight
    • Snap in feature makes it easy to attach faceshield
    • Durable mechanism for prolonged use
    • Suitable for 5F-11, 5E-11, 5B, 5C-1 & 5J-1 visors