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Kärcher Floor Cleaning Sachets are individually wrapped, fully bio-degradable, sachets intended for maintenance cleaning of all hard floors and can be used with any Scrubber Dryer. They come in fully recyclable or compostable packaging, meaning zero plastic waste, reducing your carbon footprint. The compact size of the package also reduces your transportation and storage costs. As you are no longer transporting water, or storing large plastic containers of detergent.

Kärcher Floor Cleaning Sachets also removes the requirement to manually dose cleaning detergent, resulting in less waste for you and saving you costs. The formulations are protected by a water-soluble layer, minimising the risk of the formulation coming into contact with the operative’s skin or eyes.

...a simple to use floor cleaning detergent in a soluble sachet:

  • Minimises safety concerns for end-users and eliminates the risk of spillage
  • Easy-to-use, handle and store. No equipment installation or additional training needed
  • Control costs and eliminate overdosing with an easy one-dose sachet solution
  • 95% less space required for storage compared to traditional detergents
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Simply add water to one sachet and go
  • CHEMICALS and SOLUBLE SACHETS are biodegradable
  • Pouches are COMPOSTABLE and RECYCLABLE (TUV Austria certified)
  • Products have significantly lower carbon footprint than liquid alternatives due to water being added at time of use
  • No single use plastic
  • Reduced plastic waste
  • No health hazard classifications in use
  • No exposure to concentrated product
  • No spillages of hazardous chemicals
  • Easy to lift and transport
  • Up to 95% less weight to be carried around
  • Easy-to-use, mix and handle
  • Re-sealable packaging 
  • Reduced number of deliveries
  • Chemical costs can be tightly controlled and monitored
  • Reduced staff training costs
  • Reduced hazard risk - less spend on potential compensation claims
  • No costly dispensing equipment required
  • No maintenance costs
  • 95% less space required for storage compared to traditional liquid chemicals
  • No space needed for large dosing units

Data Protection

The entire data transfer between the Home Robots app on your smartphone and your robotic vacuum cleaner and mop runs via a cloud to servers located in Germany only. As a manufacturer based in Germany, Kärcher places great importance on data protection and takes extreme care to ensure all the applicable legal requirements in this regard are met. Regular software and security updates are provided to ensure your app is always up to date and your data is always secure.

Setting up cleaning areas

The robotic vacuum cleaners and mops from Kärcher clean autonomously and systematically. "No-go zones" can be set via the app to ensure the robot doesn't clean specific areas. If, however, there are some areas that need to be vacuumed but not mopped, then there is also the option of setting "no-mopping zones". And if entire rooms should be skipped, the robot can be prevented from travelling through them by setting so-called "virtual walls". All this is easy and intuitive to configure using the app.

Variety of cleaning modes

Our Home Robots app offers much more functionality than the basic program for autonomous cleaning. Vacuuming, mopping or a combination of both cleaning programs – with the app, you have it all at your fingertips, allowing you to easily define the cleaning mode for specific rooms or areas. You can also configure numerous parameters to your individual requirements – from the suction power when vacuuming to the water flow rate when mopping.

Karcher Floor Cleaning Sachets

3 Items

    • For compact scrubber dryers
    • 100 Sachets
    • 1l – 40l
    • For walk-behind scrubber dryers
    • 50 Sachets
    • 50l – 100l
    • For ride-on scrubber dryers
    • 30 Sachets
    • 90l – 300l