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    • Place on vehicle when service/repair is taking place
    • Size (W x H): 295 x 210mm
    • Model No. HYBRIDSIGN
    • Robust, lightweight platform safety step featuring a large 390 x 390mm step surface area
    • Features 4-way access and anti-slip strips to aid stability when in use
    • Fitted with four anti-slip pads on each corner to prevent movement when in use
    • Manufactured to CAT 2 BS EN 388 & BS EN 407
    • For use in engine bays to prevent cuts to forearms
    • Thumb slot design ensures sleeve will stay in position
    • Durable nylon sleeve for avoiding accidental scratching
    • anti-saw & anti-pick protection on the locking cylinder
    • Supplied with two keys
    • Class 2 High voltage insulating rubber floor mat
    • Protects vehicle technicians from the risk of electric shock
    • Protection up to 17kV AC in accordance with BS EN 61111
    • Red colour beacon
    • Point mounting beacon
    • 120 Flash per minute pattern
    • Safety warning tag
    • Keep keys away from vehicle during service
    • Model No. HYBRIDTAG
    • Adjustable metric height indicator for commercial vehicle cabs
    • Height Range: 2-6.75m.
    • Model No. CV032M
    • Self-adhesive vinyl
    • 75 x 210mm
    • Suitable for use in office, workshop
    • High voltage warning sign suitable for use on vehicles
    • Supplied with two suction cups on the base
    • Size (W x H): 210 x 300mm
    • Works on systems up to 1kV AC in accordance with EN 60903
    • Suitable for use on hybrid and electric vehicles
    • Class 0 gloves
    • Use on exclusion zone on hybrid/electric cars during repair
    • Electrical hazard warning sign
    • Rigid 3mm thick plastic warning sign
    • Repels moisture & provides a protective film
    • Acid leak indicator, turns red when acid is detected
    • Prevent furring and oxidation of battery terminals
    • Essential for creating an exclusion zone
    • For working on high voltage vehicles
    • 25m x 6mm